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OEM and private label

All our partners are welcome to use our existing brand name Kosmart with ready to use all marketing material and brand awareness or we can also suggest you creating a brand solely for you.

In case you decide to create you own brand and use our services only for manufacturing products we are able to support you in many ways, which includes:

- Manufacture all kinds of items for your product range, which includes: hair jaws, hair barrettes, hair snaps, headbands, hair pins, hair combs, hair bannanas, bracelets, earrings and etc. We will use highest quality materials from France and Italy. You can send us a picture or a sketch drawing of the item you would like to make and we will do our best to manufacture all the items that you want and in the way that you want ;

- Create high quality pictures of each hair accessory that we are manufacturing with a minimum fees;

- Suggest you full range of original Swarovski(R) stones that can be used to decorate our hair accessories. You will be able to choose size, shape, color of all Swarovski crystal range and also in trends of their new launches. Your brand will be first to use the latest Swarovski(R) novelties each time!

- Suggest our "know-how" creating the packaging that suits your needs and manufacture it for very reasonable prices.

- Create all kinds of merchandising for your brand's hair accessories range, which includes: gift bags, gift boxes, cleaning wipes for hair accessories, banners, roll-up's, signs, displays and etc.

- We can create a custom logo for your brand name, which would meet technical needs for later printing on your merchandising and products;

- You will be able to create your own color of the bio-plastic that we use for your new collections. 

- We also provide warehouse stocking services if needed, hand-packing, custom label creation and sticking on the products in the way your customers need.

- If you are Amazon retailer, we are able to send and mark items in the way that you want and send packed items directly to Amazon or other customer.

- Create custom website and image brand center for your hair accessories brand;

We respect each our customer privacy and you will be fully legally protected for your data confidentiality with OEM contract between your and our company. All items which is not from our regular catalog, but the ones created and developed for you - will be not visible to other customers and will not be sold or manufactured for any 3rd party.

All your inquiries for Kosmart brand and OEM private label brand are welcome: or cell: +37067711566